Hubby’s GBS Update

It’s obviously been an overwhelming and emotional few weeks since Andrew’s Guillain Barre Syndrome diagnosis, and we’re very fortunate that his recovery has been going well.The IVIG treatments he received in the hospital helped to “lift the siege” from his body, as Andrew says, but a full recovery is still a ways off. He’s been receiving in-home OT and PT, which have helped him regain most of his strength and improve his daily motor functions. He’s still unable to feel anything in his extremities, so normal daily activities like typing or doing dishes are still difficult, but nowhere near impossible anymore. Each day gets better, but the nerve regeneration is slow and painful for him. The facial nerves seem to have improved, but his extremities are still numb and his reflexes haven’t returned. They might never return, but each day we’re hopeful.

On a more positive note, the neurologist is confident in his progress and has cleared Andrew to drive and to work again, starting today.  Andrew actually started a brand new job and worked one day before getting sick, so he’s looking forward to getting settled in there and getting back into the work he enjoys.  I think some normalcy (and stability!) will be good for all of us, too.

In the meantime, we’re trying to spend time together as a family relaxing and catching up at home. We went out to Greenport and the wineries last weekend and showed Caelan the animals and farms. This past weekend, we caught up on stuff at home and made sure to spend pretty much every free second playing with Caelan. This has been hard for him, too; he knows something’s been going on with his daddy and that we weren’t home with him for almost an entire week. He’s very clingy and definitely has anxiety that we’re leaving again every time one of us steps out of the front door. He’s also getting molars so that’s been fun!

Andrew’s goal for now is to continue making progress with outpatient therapy and to be able to go for some walks on the beach when we go to Bermuda this June. It’s a vacation that we all desperately need right now!