Sometimes Pregnancy is Hard

Okay, that’s a crappy title, but I don’t know how else to start this post…

Pregnancy is hard.  It’s not all laughs and joyful smiles… it’s physically, mentally, and emotionally exhausting.  It really changes who you are as a person. It’s hard to process.  At least for me. Continue reading “Sometimes Pregnancy is Hard”

The Easiest Fancy Dinner You’ll Ever Make

This recipe for an un-gourmet gourmet meal isn’t even really a recipe, more like a dirty little secret.  It’s pretty healthy, since the butter and oil are minimal and it’s packed with lean protein and nutritious, seasonal veggies! The best part though, is that you can just use whatever’s in the fridge without going to the store. Also, you’ll really impress whoever you’re cooking for and not have a lot of dishes. Continue reading “The Easiest Fancy Dinner You’ll Ever Make”

New Orleans (in less than three days)

Funny story. Hubby and I planned this trip because we knew it might be our last chance at a long road trip before settling into his a job and having kids.  I wasn’t planning on having kids any time soon, but if his job schedule didn’t allow us to travel until for a few years and we ended up wanting kids in a year or so, we wanted to get in at least a trip NOW.  We promised each other, a long time ago, that we’d let loose in New Orleans, child-free, and enjoy Disney together, child-free, before committing ourselves to kid-friendly trips. Continue reading “New Orleans (in less than three days)”