Pregnancy/Baby Reads that I Didn’t Hate

I obviously advocate for reading and becoming educated, and becoming a new parent probably requires a bit of helpful information along the way.  BUT I feel like reading too many baby books is like googling too much. They’re just a little… umm… preachy and hyper-focused on what can go wrong.  Making an expectant mom even more terrified just doesn’t seem necessary. On the other hand, books can be a great resource when you need some mental reinforcement or encouragement along your journey in becoming a parent. Continue reading “Pregnancy/Baby Reads that I Didn’t Hate”

My Minimalist Baby Shower and Registry

First of all, thank you SO, SO, SO MUCH to everyone who came to my no games or stupid shit allowed baby shower to spoil me and our little boy.  And to my mom, my sister, and my sister in law who humored me every step of the way to give me exactly what I wanted…and avoid everything I passionately didn’t want.  I’m sorry I’m so difficult =) Continue reading “My Minimalist Baby Shower and Registry”