A Simple Smoothie + Are You Choosing the Right Yogurt?

I that weirdo who has smoothies/shakes daily, even during the winter months.  I’m not a fan of ice cream, but yogurt, yeah, sign me up.

I’m a believer in the benefits of plain dairy yogurt (not the sweetened crap).  People who consume dairy yogurt get their fair share of animal protein, calcium, magnesium, and necessary B vitamins, like B-12, in addition to probiotics, or “good bacteria”, that are necessary to keep a healthy digestive track and immune system.

Unfortunately, many yogurt companies diminish these healthy properties by lacing their products with artificial sweeteners and/or flavors, and by feeding their cows genetically engineered grains that are laced with harmful pesticides, like atrazine and glyphosate.

infographic-KTJ-10-21We are what we eat eats, too.  For many cows, this means a diet primarily consisting of GMO corn and soy with a side of pesticides?  No thanks.  That is why it’s crucial to choose an organic dairy brand, like Stonyfield, that is committed to organic farming methods that don’t include the use of GMOs or toxic persistent pesticides.

IMG_2475Organic dairy cows live on a diet that more resembles what cows traditionally eat (grass).  A diet that keeps them healthy and yields nutritious milk.   This means that the nutrients in grasses and soil are digested by the cow, and then passed to you without dangerous chemicals.

Very Berry Vanilla Smoothie

veryberryvanillaWhat You’ll Need

  • 1 cup frozen organic mixed berries
  • Enough organic milk to almost cover berries in blender
  • 3/4 cup (or 1 greek yogurt cup) Stonyfield whole milk vanilla yogurt (whole milk yogurt has less sugar)
  • 1 heaping tablespoon of raw honey


Add a cup of berries to a high power blender and add enough milk to cover them.  Add the yogurt and honey and blend until smooth.



*Thank you to Stonyfield for providing me with product coupons and sweet graphics for the review.  

**In addition, I do regularly spend my own dollars on Stonyfield dairy products because I support the company and choose to vote with my dollars.


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