The Truth About AdvoCare

Something that seriously bothers me is “health” trends that aren’t really healthy but trendy because a bunch of people who actually don’t know about health said they’re healthy. I’m not an expert, obviously, but I’m pretty sure this is what AdvoCare is.

AdvoCare is something we’ve been hearing about more and more lately, especially with the “healthy living” blogging community praising their products and promising increased energy and weight loss.  You might think that AdvoCare is the answer to your weight loss concerns, but think again.


AdvoCare calls themselves as “a premier health and wellness company offering world-class energy, weight-loss, nutrition, and sports performance products along with a rewarding business opportunity.”  Their products claim to be formulated with “the highest-quality ingredients,” many of which are “routinely tested as part of the most comprehensive banned substance certification program for dietary supplements in the world.”

This may lead you to believe that the products are natural and safe, especially when they are backed by “professionals from the fields of nutrition, pharmacology, biology, kinesiology and medicine” and are recommended by popular quarterback Drew Brees. I mean, sports professionals don’t take paid endorsements or anything…right?

Their popular energy drink, “Spark,” for example is chock full of chemical laden ingredients likely derived from GMOs (natural and artificial flavors, xantham gum, maltodextrin, sucralose…)

advingTheir FAQ page even addresses the concerns with using sucralose (aka splenda), only to dismiss them by praising it as a low calorie sweetener that is approved for use in over 40 countries and has been proven safe by the FDA.  The response even goes so far as to claim that “AdvoCare does not use any ingredient deemed to be unsafe or harmful.”

But sucralose is likely derived from GMOs, banned in a number of other countries, and has since been downgraded from “safe”  to “caution” after an independent study in Italy linked the sweetener to the development of leukemia in mice. This is why I need to live overseas…

Anyway, don’t fall for the marketing tactics with AdvoCare: they claim (and technically are in the US) “banned-substance free” but that doesn’t always mean safe.  You might be tempted to jump on the bandwagon for instant energy and weight loss results, but at what cost to your long term, overall health?


There are plenty of healthier alternatives for weight loss and increased energy:

– maintain a healthy diet full of real foods

– avoid processed foods and supplements

– get enough sleep and physical activity


Don’t over-complicate it and waste your money on supplement plans with empty promises and pyramid marketing schemes. Unless you really want to, I can’t tell anyone what to do.


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