WIAW: healthy eating when you’re sick

Check out yesterday’s post: Natural Remedies for Colds and Sore Throats for some of my favorites!

When we’re sick, it’s important to eat and to not to restrict calories since consuming less can hinder your body’s ability to bounce back.  I truly believe that health begins with what we put into our bodies, so the best way to restore health when we are feeling sick would be to start with a nutrient dense diet.  But, it can be hard, especially if you’re anything like me and any and all food basically looks awful when you’re sick.

Generally, I try to stick to mostly dry, nutrient dense foods that don’t seem totally unappealing.  Since eating big meals doesn’t seem to work for me when I’m under the weather, it’s important to focus on frequent, small meals that are gentle on the stomach and packed with necessary nutrients.

Some of my favorites when I’m sick:

  • Organic Ezekial Bread with mashed avocado  – I find it easy to keep down and the avocados, which pack a good nutrient punch.  Dry toast, even is easy on the stomach and will replace lost nutrients.
  • Apples with peanut butter/almond butter – again, easy to keep down and pretty nutritious for a small meal.
  • Chicken noodle soup – it’s not just an old wives tale…chicken contains zinc which can help clear up a cold and hot broth can clear nasal passages and sooth a sore throat.
  • Spicy food – spice is a natural decongestant and I love spicy Indian lentil soup (or chicken and lentils!)  from my favorite Indian place when I’m sick.
  • Green tea or ginger tea with honey – green tea is full of antioxidants that support immunity.  Check out yesterday’s post for more about the health benefits of ginger and honey.

When I was little, my mom preached the BRAT(T) diet…bananas, rice, apples, toast, (tea).  These low fiber foods sit well in the stomach and digest easy, giving your stomach a break, especially if your symptoms include nausea.  I should include bananas on the list above because they’re great for your health…but, admittedly, I just don’t like them!

Foods to Avoid

I avoid alcohol and caffeine, since they are both dehydrating and keeping hydrated is important to basically “flush out” the sickness.  Research is still split when it comes to dairy, but many believe it promotes mucus production (or at least gives that sensation), so I tend to avoid it when feeling ill.  Sugar is also a no-no (it doesn’t sit well with me to begin with) because it suppresses the immune system and does absolutely nothing for your health.


So…here’s a snapshot of what I was able to eat in the past few days. Health is always my number one priority, so I thought it would be fun to show you guys a snapshot of healthy snacks and small meals that I’ve been able to enjoy, even while sick!

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wiaw sick

soup…tea…fruit…toast…more tea…and a few slices of pizza!!

True story: these are all recycled pictures from my instagram feed…who really wants to whip out their camera when they’re feeling like crap!?

I also made a batch of crock pot applesauce that lasted about .6 minutes. I’ll share the recipe soon, but it was probably the most comforting bowl of anything I’ve ever had ever!

xo, Tori

What helps you feel better when you’re feeling sick?  Favorite home remedies?


4 thoughts on “WIAW: healthy eating when you’re sick

  1. Wow I’m impressed with your healthy eating while sick. It definitely is important to eat a lot of nutrient dense foods, which I love that you did! Even the pizza lol More people definitely need to follow your guidelines because when patients are typically sick they eat literally nothing bc they don’t feel good.


  2. Whoever packed your fresh fruit container is the sweetest. Oh & i’m so happy you named spicy food as safe foods to eat when dealing with a cold/flu. Many people I know would chalk that up in the “foods to avoid” category thinking it’ll only do harm.


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