Thoughts on Watermelon Cleansing

If you follow me on instagram, you probably saw that hubby and I just completed a 3 day watermelon cleanse.



watWatermelon cleansing basically means you eat nothing but watermelon for 3 days.  The cleanse is designed to provide the body with ample amounts of water in order to flush toxins out of the kidneys and jump start the metabolism.

I have mixed thoughts on cleansing (they’re super restrictive and leave me insanely hungry), but we decided to give the watermelon cleanse a shot for a few reasons:

  • Despite eating healthy, unprocessed food about 95% of the time, I have terrible digestion and awful food sensitivities.  No matter how hard I try to stick to “safe” foods, I end up feeling bloated and sluggish on an almost daily basis.  Sometimes something drastic and cleansing is the best way to kick this back into gear…at least I was willing to try!
  • Watermelon is super alkaline, with a Ph of 9.0.  Alkaline foods counter balance the negative side effects of an excess of acidic foods, such as kidney and liver damage and increased risk for diabetes. An alkaline diet can also yield more energy and aid in the disappearance of chronic yeast overgrowth.
  • Because watermelon is 92% water, it’s a mild diuretic and great for flushing toxins out of the kidneys.  The toxins in the American food system make dieting tricky.  Rather than focus on whole, real foods, we replace them with processed alternatives, such as fake sugars, that are ridden with toxins.  While many dieters think they’re being healthy, they’re actually postponing results by consuming these toxins that wreak havoc on our digestion and cause hormone imbalances.  Flushing these toxins from our bodies is the first step towards health and weight loss.

Despite the health benefits, I was still worried that I’d be hungry and bored for three days.  But it really wasn’t that bad.  I was hungry, especially at night (hello night snacker!) But, I learned to eat more frequently throughout the day and found the diet satisfying.  Maybe it’s the mental aspect of chewing and convincing yourself that you’re eating, but it worked.

We also experimented with different smoothies, adding blueberries, coconut water, lemons, limes, and different herbs, to keep enough variety present during the three days.


Overall, I lost 4.5 pounds.  Granted, the majority of this weight is excess water and bloat, but I’m not going to say I was sad to see it go.  Though I try to keep healthy thoughts on weight loss and maintain a positive body image, holding onto excess weight because of poor digestion can be frustrating. Seeing results finally was a small win for me.

Some other thoughts…

I had to pee.  A lot. I guess that’s a good thing considering the whole point is to release rid the body of toxins through something that’s primarily water.  Also, I hardly drank any water and didn’t feel thirsty.

I learned that I do better eating smaller meals more frequently.  I also learned that I probably snack more than I think I do.  Eating only one thing really draws your attention to how often you unconsciously walk past something and take a bite.

I had a lot of energy, slept great, and didn’t feel like my food baby was in the way all the time!

I missed wine.

I don’t think I’ll be buying a watermelon for a while.


Thoughts on cleansing? Have you tried the watermelon diet?

xo, Tori


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