Resolve to be Present

Happy New Year, all! Hope it was safe, healthy, and happy!


Hubby and I spent our evening with my parents.  Yes, we’ve reached that point in our lives where spending time with your parents is cooler than any over-priced bar or party! We spent the night at a movie and dinner, then on their couch with a bottle of Prosecco, some mint tea, and another movie!

At midnight, we reflected on all of the changes, blessings, and hardships that happened in 2015…and all that we are looking forward to in 2016.

Last year, we dealt with health troubles, financial hardships, and plenty of set-backs that I’m ready to put behind me.  We also said goodbye to both of my grandmas.

But, I also became a yoga teacher, watched by husband keep up his 4.0, traveled to California, Pennsylvania, and Virginia. My sister got engaged and I found out that I’m going to be an aunt!

With the bad comes the good, and I’m happy to say that so many more exciting things are already happening this year. Hubby graduates in May and we embark on a terrifyingly exciting new adventure to wherever the universe sends us.  I’m ready.

As I set forth into this New Year, the only resolution I plan to make is to stay present throughout it all.  If I’ve learned anything from this past year, it’s that you cannot control every aspect of your life.  You can’t choose what circumstances are thrown your way, whether positive or negative, but you can choose to face them head on, to acknowledge them, and to grow from them.

Every second of every day, we have ample opportunity, to grow, to change, to discover who we are and who we are becoming.  We are ever evolving beings with a whole world out there to experience and learn from.  Don’t ignore that.


Focus on the now. Even if you’re setting resolutions to eat healthier, get in shape, declutter, or take on a career change, resolve first to be present throughout all of these exciting changes that you’re ready for.  Acknowledge what brought you to this moment, both the good and the bad, and continue to acknowledge each moment and experience as they come.  Remember to close your eyes, take an inventory of your surroundings, and realize that you are part of this beautiful, evolving universe…don’t miss so much of it!


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