Why we Still Live with My Parents

Well, (1) it’s affordable and (2) because I’m attached at the hip to my loud, rock-and-roll loving, fun-but-super-dysfunctional family.


If you want the extended version, keep reading.

When Andrew came home to NY after getting out of the military, we actually planned on moving into an apartment.  Long story short, we backed out when his paperwork was held up and decided to stay with my parents. We converted their ground floor area into a little 400 square foot apartment.  Yes, 400 square feet..no stove, but we do have two closets.  A girl has priorities!

Anyway, it ended up beings a lot cheaper so we took the opportunity and decided to send Andrew back to school.  We’re staying through his graduation and search for employment so he can focus on school and maintaining his 4.0 without the pressure of needing to work to pay a million dollars in rent. I’m exaggerating.  Sort of.

But that’s basically why still live with my parents.  That and I like drinking wine with my mom every night.

And I really just don’t want a big home.


I guess you could say we believe in simple living.  We were concerned at first, moving into such a small space together, and he might disagree, but how much space do two people usually need.  Especially when they’re into collecting memories..not things.  I don’t need a big place and I don’t want things.  Also, things cause clutter and I hate clutter.

We love to travel, and try new restaurants, we like going wine tasting, or heading into the city for a show.  The memories we make doing what we love are meaningful to me. And while we don’t abuse our finances and live outside our means, we both genuinely believe that life is meant to be enjoyed. I don’t want to pay off a mortgage when I’m in my 40s or 50s and have a giant house to show for it).  I want to live now and I never want to stop.

I think a lot of people believe we’re irresponsible with our money and life choices, so now we’re stuck living at my childhood home as a married couple.  Reality is, we’re living our own truth, and I’m not ashamed of it.  We made the decision to be frugal and still have enough to enjoy living…because that’s really what matters most to us!



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