A Year Ago YTT Changed my Life!

I can’t believe it’s been a full year since I graduated YTT and started teaching!!


Completing my 200 hour training was one of the most memorable, life changing experiences ever.

Yoga has always been something positive and grounding for me, and each time I’m given the opportunity to share it with my students, I’m reminded of why I decided to take this training and why I believe so much in the practice.  Whether 2 or 20 show up for class, guiding my students into a place where they can release tension and find peace seriously gives me so much joy!

A lot has changed in the past year, too, and there have been some incredibly memorable experiences as a teacher.  I try to remain humble and remind myself that I am the guide; the practice is really for the students, BUT there are some pretty cool first experiences that I would urge all new teachers to make a note of.

teacher firsts

  1. An obvious one, but the first class you teach will always be special
  2. The first time you have a packed class (which was actually my final teaching and it was so scary and so awesome at the same time!!)
  3. Seeing one of your teachers show up to your class
  4. Having that first student who returns to class
  5. The first time you don’t plan a class and let the energy of the room guide the practice
  6. Adjusting someone in savasana and seeing the smile
  7. Hearing a student tell you that your class was exactly what they needed
  8. That feeling when you come up with a flow or transition on your own and can’t wait to teach it to your class
  9. The first time you say to yourself “I am a teacher”
  10. The way your practice and your life will change for the better

And it seriously will change for the better =)

Namaste, friends!


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