Rehoboth Beach Trip

IMG_9041How beautiful is that?

IMG_8996On a whim, hubby and I booked a last minute trip to Rehoboth Beach Delaware for his spring break.

IMG_9030We lucked out with great weather, a great location, and incredible food. But sometimes, I think, the best part of a trip is what you don’t plan.  A great local tip for a secluded beach, a gorgeous full moon over a bottle of champagne, a lovely older couple you meet at the oyster bar…those are the moments that end up making the best memories.

Here’s some of my favorite highlights…

Gordon’s Pond and Whisky Beach

This spot was recommended by our waitress at Dogfish; it’s much more secluded (at least in the off season) than Rehoboth Beach, five minutes away, is beautiful, and has a great running trail.




Nassau Valley Vineyard

I absolutely loved their Indian River Red.  They also have this cool little walk through wine history that was entertaining.


Dogfish Head Brewing and Eats

If you’re into craft beer, you have to go here. They have specialty brewed beers that aren’t available for sale, in addition to a bunch of discontinued stuff…and I was luck enough to snag a Grateful Dead Ale from their coveted music collection.  The food was good, not absolutely amazing, but more than good enough to enjoy with their brews…it seemed fresh and hubby especially liked that their fried stuff wasn’t swimming in oil.


Restaurants: Cafe Azafran, Jam, Eden, Go Fish!, Henlopen Oyster House

Cafe Azafran for insane Mediterranean food, Jam for the biggest salads you’ll ever eat, Eden for a nice romantic atmosphere (price fixed and 1/2 price wine on Wednesdays), Go Fish for fish and chips, Henlopen for happy hour/oysters.

If you get to Rehoboth during the off season, there’s an insane amount of happy hours and mid-weed specials to enjoy.  Almost every place I mentioned had some sort of great deal going on.  We also really wanted to get to Confucius for Chinese food, but we just weren’t in the mood during the week and they’re only open Thursday-Sunday. Next time.

Some Other Highlights

There’s some great shopping in Rehoboth. Scandinavian Occasion was my favorite just because I’m Danish and they had Danish stuff, but there’s no shortage of beach stuff and nicknacks for you to remember your trip.

We also just enjoyed sitting on the boardwalk, hubby had some homemade ice cream, and we took one night to sit on the beach with some wine and watch the gorgeous moonrise.




Please just take me back to the beach forever!?


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