Why We Had a Destination Wedding

Happy 2 years to my amazing hubby, not a day goes by where I don’t tell myself that I made the best choice in the world when I chose to spend my life with you.

111I’m fortunate that we’ve always been on the same page when it comes to making decisions.  Sure, we fight about how the laundry gets folded or who has to sleep by the window, but when it comes to the big things, like getting married, going back to school, raising children (one day), we just look at life through the same lens.

When we booked our wedding, we both liked the same venue, the same vendors, felt the same about having the ceremony in nature rather than at a church…and we both just weren’t excited about it.  I talked about our lifestyle a bit in this post, but we’re not your “traditional” couple. Spending $30,000+ on a traditional Long Island wedding just didn’t seem like the experience we were after.  So we eventually made the decision to cancel our big wedding and do something more us.

We chose Saint Lucia because it was one of the islands we visited on the cruise when Andrew proposed and we both fell in love with the beautiful, wild landscape. The resort provided everything we could have wanted in one wedding-themed getaway : plenty of gorgeous coastline, romantic restaurants, water sports, golf, hiking, and a gorgeous private suite with champagne breakfast delivered every day.


img_3633img_3721The resort took care of like 95% of the actual planning, so all we had left to do once we flew in was finalize our paperwork and relax.  Oh, and taste cake.  I’m like a thousand percent sure that anyone who gets overwhelmed easily should take this route.  I love to plan, but being forced to have fun and relax right before your wedding is the greatest gift ever.

After 5 days of relaxation, fun, and welcoming our guests as they all flew in, our big day finally came.  We split up the morning of the wedding to get ready and met each other on the beautiful Caribbean beach.





We said our vows over the crashing waves, with 14 of our closest family and friends watching.

991012101Afterwards, we had a beach-side cocktail party and a private luncheon in a restaurant overlooking the water.

991012162dsc_009810339549_10152380746137010_7251720151997469709_nLater that night, we all changed into comfortable, casual clothes and took our party to the waves! We booked a beach cruise as a thank you for all of our guests, and it was such a fun way to keep everyone together, celebrating our marriage!

A destination wedding was the right choice for us. There was no stress, no being the center of attention, no fretting over guest lists and seating arrangements.  Our day was small and intimate, and exactly the way we envisioned it.

And we got to travel! Rather than one day  of excitement, I got ten full days on the beautiful beach with my closest family and friends, and my new husband.991012142Not having certain people there was the one drawback for us.  But, we decided that if we had to sacrifice something, it shouldn’t be our vision for our wedding or our own happiness. So, we made it up by throwing a big back yard barbecue at my parent’s house back in NY.  It was really the best of both worlds and I wouldn’t change anything if I could.

I love my husband, my biggest supporter, my friend, with all my heart.  Thank you for challenging me, for believing in our dreams, and for making me laugh every single day.


Follow up post this week on my NY reception/backyard bash, complete with recycled wine bottle centerpieces, homemade granola, and supermarket flowers!


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