Growing a Human is Hard Work


We’re excited to welcome out little boy into this crazy world next March.

It’s still insane to me that we already know it’s a boy, but it’s really nice to not call our little one it anymore.  We opted to find out the gender during the 12 week genetic paneling and I’m so glad we did. It’s been so exciting to receive little outfits, start prepping his share of our tiny space, and talk about names for our new little family member.

We didn’t plan on getting pregnant while we still live in the apartment in my parent’s house, but I’m oddly very at ease about it.  I’ve talked about how close we are before and I’m really glad to have their love and support.  I’ve also come to the realization that no matter how much planning someone puts into having a family, you’re probably never really prepared.  You will always want more space and more money ; and while I do want those things to make our lives a bit easier, I’m realizing that in so many ways we are lucky.  Everything for us and our baby has worked out without any issues, stress, set-backs or worrying.  Not planning this has allowed me to just enjoy everything as it comes, something I’m not used to letting myself do.  Our little one is already teaching me so much about life.

I want to update everyone on this pregnancy, so I figured every few weeks or so I’d post here with some exciting changes and developments in our growing family.

Baby C weeks 1-13

Pregnancy Symptoms
I actually felt perfectly fine for the first 8 weeks and thought I’d be lucky to have an easy, symptom free pregnancy.  But at 8 weeks and 1 day I felt completely nauseous and un-human and it pretty much lasted until 13 weeks.  In case your seriously curious, I only threw up once – on the side of the NY thru-way on our road trip to Vermont – and it really was one of my finer moments in life.  But trust me, everyday that I didn’t throw up, I felt like I wanted to.  I really will never understand people that “loved being pregnant.”

Beyond feeling disgusting, I slept like I was 96 years old.  Seriously 8:30 pm and I was in pajamas ready for bed.  Every day.  I was basically useless for 3 months (asides from growing a person).

I lost about 5 pounds during my first trimester because food was just gross.  Yes, I forced myself to eat regardless.

Carbs were definitely better on my stomach, which was actually kind of awesome since I had to eat gluten free and super restrictive due to my stomach issues before this baby came.  My digestion actually seems to be better during pregnancy (unless it’s just the lack of wine and coffee), but trust me, I still don’t think pregnancy is exactly a walk in the park.  Eating bagels for once, though, isn’t such a bad trade off.  I miss coffee. Eventhough I can have a cup of day the smell of it just makes me grossed out.  So does chicken. So weird.

Yoga just makes me feel weird and super heavy and bulky.  As a teacher, it’s nice to know how to modify my practice at home to make sure I still stretch and breathe and get a little movement in, but going to class hasn’t been in the cards for me between feeling gross and sleeping all the time.  I still continued to teach once a week, usually stretching and moving a little with my class, also.  Walking has been nice, and my hubby has been really supportive and helpful in forcing me to get outside and get some exercise. We usually go to the beach 2-3x a week to walk and read.

Looking Forward To…
The whole first trimester I was looking forward to finding out our baby’s gender and getting back all those scary blood test results.  So far, everything has been perfectly normal and healthy.  Also, we’re obviously looking forward to meeting this little human miracle we created!!

Our plan (well, my plan) for this pregnancy was to just relax for the first trimester, not take on too much, get a little exercise in and just try to be healthy.  As the second trimester starts, there are things in the apartment (painting, flooring, etc) that we need to take care of and obviously creating a space for our baby, which, since we live in a small space, means condensing our stuff.  More of an update on all of that will come soon, but I’m loving what we (and my we I mean Andrew and my dad) have been doing with our tiny space.

I caved and purchased a $36 hand-knit blue sweater when we were in VT, and hubby bought our little one his own teddy bear, but other than that, we’ve resisted.  I know we’re going to get so much, and I just don’t need an excess before he’s even here.

Other Thoughts
When we first found our I was pregnant, I was freaking out.  I think it’s such a cool little miracle that we actually created a human being – but the unexpectedness and the lack of planning sent me into a panic at first.  I’ve realized that our baby is a gift and the universe only gives me what I can handle.  Sometimes it’s not what you expect but it’s always what you end up needing.  I’m also really thankful that we never struggled with infertility and it just happened when it was meant to happen. A good opportunity to practice what I preach.

I’m already just passed 20 weeks, so I’ll be sharing an update from weeks 13-20 in the next day or two.


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