Baby C: weeks 22 – 26

…6 months as of today…

I like monthly updates…mostly  because I think weekly updates are overkill.  I’m also not sure if anyone reads these but I’ll keep throwing them out there for family and friends that aren’t close by.

Baby’s Update: As of our last sono (12/13), Baby C was about 1lb 12 oz, right on target for his “age.”  According to the stupid fruit chart, he should be about the size of an eggplant.  Does anyone else find the whole fruit/vegetable thing nonsense? I mean, define “large cucumber” as opposed to “normal cucumber.” Also, we went from banana to coconut? Not even close to one another.  Anyway…

Pregnancy Symptoms:  BACKACHES. Ugh they’re the worst. I know I’m usually over-dramatic, but this time I swear I’m not.  It’s SO BAD!  Also, my circulation isn’t the greatest, and my knees ache a lot, but acupuncture has really, really, really helped…especially if I keep up with it weekly.

I can definitely feel my stomach growing now, which is SO WEIRD, and not actually that comfortable, but no stretch marks or lines or any of that nonsense yet.  I’m just going to throw it out to the universe that those visible reminders of pregnancy won’t happen to me.

Weight: Gained a total of 8-10 pounds since pre-pregnancy, depending on when I weight in.

Cravings/Aversions: Carbs are still the greatest (okay, when were they not?) but I do my best to eat healthy, or at least well balanced.  I don’t crave anything in particular, but there are still certain foods that are harder to digest (think broccoli, beans) and foods that just sit better in my stomach. Protein, carbs, some cooked veggies, and fruit keep me going.

I definitely have an aversion to chicken, unless it’s shredded into something like tortilla soup or masked by heavy sauce in something like Indian food.  I can eat fish, but cooking it myself just smells so awful that it makes me not want to eat it.

Also, I’m embarrassed to admit this, but I ate fast food a total of four times during this pregnancy.  Sometimes, you’re just SO TIRED and SO OUT OF IDEAS for fast, healthy meals that when your husband picks you up for lunch you just cave because absolutely nothing sounds appetizing and Wendy’s is RIGHT THERE.  Last week’s cheeseburger just made me so grossed out and I felt like I smelled like Wendy’s the whole day and I don’t think I’ll be doing that again. I’m so ashamed of myself.

Exercise: I still try to stretch at home and do a little bit of pregnancy-friendly yoga, in addition to walking.  To be totally transparent, I only end up actually going for a walk like once or twice a week, BUT I’m pretty good about getting up to move, clean, not sit at a desk all day, etc.  It counts, right?

Looking Forward To: Well, obviously the holidays because I have two long weekends off from work and I can’t wait to see my cousins and sit back and relax. Total disclosure: the holidays are totally making me miss drinking wine, but they also make me really look forward to his first Christmas next year and the joy that he’ll get out of the holidays.  And all the wine I can have while he’s opening his gifts!

Purchases/Projects: I’m proud of myself that I still have not purchased a single thing for the baby besides the two little things we got in Vermont.  My sister has purchased probably 95% of the clothes he already has, and has like a million boxes under her tree for him…so I’m holding off since he clearly has the best aunt =)

I also finished our baby registry and I’ll probably end up doing a post on this because I feel very strongly about having a minimalist baby and NOT registering for a ton of crap that I won’t end up needing or using.

Other Thoughts: Reaching 25 weeks (when baby is “viable”) was a good feeling because of course when you’re pregnant you worry about everything happening to you and to your baby and all those scary, horrible thoughts can give you so much anxiety.  At our last sono, the tech made me feel so much better when she said babies have been born and survived at smaller weights than our baby is now.

I’m not trying to be pessimistic or gloomy, just honest. Pregnancy anxiety is real…and you get it about e.v.e.r.y.t.h.i.n.g. 

On a happier note…we’ve thought a lot about names (not sharing yet, but we have a few front runners) and how we want our day to day life to be with another human.  Yes, I’m aware that he will have his own idea of a schedule (or not have a schedule because he’s a stubborn infant and doesn’t feel like it) but hubby and I have talked A LOT about how we want to proceed as a team in raising this little boy to be healthy and happy.  And when his first Disney trip will be because priorities.


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