Baby C: Weeks 26-30


b7 months as of 1.22.17

Baby’s Update: He’s healthy, moving like crazy, and is over 3 pounds now…probably closer to 4 since he’s been measuring about a week and a half ahead.  Of course I’m now psyching myself out for a giant baby, even though I know it’s all just an estimate, but for the love of god, please don’t be over 8 pounds.

Pregnancy Symptoms: I’m not going to lie, the third trimester isn’t exactly fun, and I’ve started questioning how I can do this for 2 more months.  If the back-aches, the muscle cramps in my calves, and the constant jabs at my ribs weren’t enough, I also have Pelvic Symphysis Disorder (or pelvic girdle pain).  It basically feels like my body is ripping in half, unless I lay in bed all day.  Which of course does no good for my back! On the plus side, I get to wear a super sexy pregnancy belt! Isn’t my husband lucky!!

Weight: Gained a total of 16 pounds, and yes, I’m aware, that my symptoms would be way worse if I gained more and should consider myself lucky.

Cravings/Aversions: Chicken is still the worst, as far as aversions go.  I guess I’ve been craving a lot of fresh fruit, but I’ve always eaten a ton of fruit so I’m happy it’s still working for me =)

Exercise: Been trying to walk for my back as much as I can, especially at the beach of on a dirt trail where the soft ground can cushion my joints and not make the pelvic pain act up.  Not gonna lie, though, there’s a lot more days now where I’m ready for bed the second I’m home from work.

Looking Forward To: We have our hospital tour coming up, so I’m looking forward to no longer obsessing about where to park and where to check in and all that stuff. I know, totally OCD!

My baby shower is also next month so I’m looking forward to (1) taking a day to relax and celebrate with my closest family and friends and (2) put all the baby things away and maybe start to feel like our tiny apartment is ready for a third person!  Again, totally OCD!

Purchases/Projects: Really just finishing up little things in the apartment.  We hung some shelves over the bed, repainted the windowsills…little stuff that I know I won’t get to once the baby’s here.

Still haven’t purchased anything for the baby…I figured I’d wait till after the shower to sort through what I have and get anything I’ll still need.  I did, however, cave a snoogle.  I SWORE that I wouldn’t need it, and once I reached six months I told myself I made it this far, but I really, really needed a good night sleep. If you’re preggo, just go buy the stupid pillow now and thank yourself later.

Other Thoughts: This kid is definitely 99% his dad. Let’s just say that this little one’s physical presence and strength are definitely not from his hippie mom. Plus the little glimpse we got of his face at the last sono looks like his daddy. As long as he likes my music and enjoys reading, I’m good!!


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