Baby C: 30-35 Weeks

screen-shot-2017-02-24-at-10-41-43-am8 months / 35 weeks as of Wednesday

It’s weird to think that this could be my last update.  Hopefully not though.  As much as I look forward to not being pregnant anymore, I’d like to make it to 40 weeks.

5 more to go.

Baby’s Update: He’s probably over 6 pounds now!! I didn’t get a weight update at our 34 week appointment, but he was over 5 at our 32 week.  He’s a little above average, but apparently this is because he has a large head; it’s perfectly fine but it’s been measuring 3-4 weeks ahead of schedule, while his body has been average.  Of course this makes me think the worst for delivery, but he’s healthy and head down so I really can’t ask for more.  Plus, maybe he’s just super smart!!

Pregnancy Symptoms: Just your general discomfort from being so close to the end: getting harder to breathe, back aches, lack of sleep, kicks in the ribs and bladder at the same time, tightness, you know. Emotionally, I’ve been up and down and very hormonal (here’s a whole post on it) but these past few weeks have been pretty good (and busy!) now that I’m getting so close to meeting our little one.

Weight: Gained about 20, probably a few more, pounds depending on when I weigh myself.  Which is not very often because I just don’t care to.

Cravings/Aversions: Still NOT a fan of chicken.  Still very much a fan of fresh fruit.  And water.  All I want is a ton of water.

Exercise: Gentle walks have been great, and some yoga/stretching really helps with my back pain.  Prenatal yoga post coming soon, btw!

Looking Forward To: Meeting our little boy in just a few short weeks. And, honestly, sleeping on my stomach again.  I don’t care if he wakes me up every hour… a nap on my stomach sounds like a dream come true right now!

Purchases/Projects: My family threw me a wonderful, relaxing baby shower last weekend, so this week we’ve been working on separating and washing baby stuff, getting his changing space ready, packing a baby bag, prepping a hospital bag.  The checklist is definitely growing.  This week we’ll exchange what we need to, put the car seat in, and set up the crib.  It’s crazy to see the apartment transforming.

Other Thoughts: 5 more weeks of pregnancy sounds like the most insane thing to me.  I feel like I found out yesterday, and as much as I’ve been uncomfortable and questioned if I can make it to 40 full weeks of carrying a human inside me, it’s actually gone by so quickly.  It’s one of those the days are long but the years are short things.

If I don’t make it to another monthly update, I’d say, my biggest take away from this experience, besides obviously a cute little human that’s mine to love forever, is to really just have that conversation with myself about what I’m feeling and experiencing.  Like I said above (and you can read here), my emotions and hormones have been all over the place.  I’ve doubted myself, felt sad for no reason, wondered if I was ready… and while I’m sure it’s all normal, it hasn’t been easy. Being honest with myself, and with my husband, has helped me cope and connect with my baby during the hardest days.  I guess I just want to encourage people to take a look at the happy and the sad during pregnancy and be compassionate with one another during a journey that’s really kind of insane.


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