Baby C: 36 weeks – full term

40 weeks this Wednesday

Baby’s Update: Im technically due on Wednesday, so I’m pretty sure baby is good to vacate now. He’s healthy and super active…and apparently has no intention of leaving. Our Saturday appointment showed no signs of labor coming soon, but I know that can change overnight, so I’m trying not to get frustrated. The office will let me go to next Tuesday, at which point, they’d want to induce.  That’s basically the last thing I want so my plan is to try acupuncture first, since it prompts your body to trigger labor hormones naturally, rather than needing synthetic versions.

Obviously little one’s health comes first, so if it comes to that, so be it, I’d just prefer that not be the case. I have a fetal stress test Thursday to check on him…hopefully I won’t even make it to the appointment!!!

Pregnancy Symptoms: Being this close to the end, I feel so ready to not be pregnant anymore.  I actually don’t understand people that still “love being pregnant” at this stage, because it’s really not easy.  I’ve had a relatively normal and worry free pregnancy and I can’t imagine how people do this 4 or 5 times.  By the end, you can’t sleep, you can’t eat, you can’t breathe… I guess it’s all nature’s way of making your fear of actually having the baby go away because you just want your body back whichever way possible.

Weight: I actually somehow lost 2 pounds.

Cravings/Aversions: Basically all food now just doesn’t do it for me, and it’s not because it smells or tastes gross, there’s just no room! Probably why I’m losing weight now. I’m also SO dehydrated and all I want is water.

Exercise: Been trying to walk as much as possible, especially to get this kid moving along!

Looking Forward To: Seeing what his face looks like, getting to hold him for the first time, and seeing hubby with him for the first time – I feel like they have such a strong connection already, I can’t explain it but this kid really, really loves his dad!

Purchases/Projects: Everything that we need to do, and probably more, is done.  Car seat is in, crib and changing station are ready, clothes and diapers are washed.  It’s funny, because every time I get something, I wash it and put it away right away… and I’m told that it’s a sign I’m “nesting” and that baby will come any day… but I’ve always been like this soooo it kind of just makes me laugh.

Other Thoughts: This is my last update because I can’t imagine that there’d be that much more to tell everyone if he’s late, other than that he’s not here, my back still hurts, and I’ve probably gained another pound. Everyone close to me will know when he’s born, and we’ll decide when we feel it’s appropriate to share on social media.

Hubby and I have talked a lot about internet safety with him, and about a whole host of other difficult but necessary topics…

  • will we share pictures of his face on the internet?
  • will we vaccinate?
  • how do I politely remain in control when ten million people want to visit us at once?
  • will breastfeeding work for me? am I comfortable doing it in public?
  • how will I get this kid on a schedule? and what kind of schedule?
  • what will I do about work?
  • am I comfortable with him driving with other people?

There’s so much to cover, and I think we’ve done a good job getting on the same page as a couple and talking, not arguing, about how we feel.  My husband has truly been amazing throughout this entire pregnancy; he’s kind, open to conversations, and supportive. Honestly, and I debate even saying this as I type, it’s other people that drive you insane.  There’s no end to the mommy shaming out there – I’ve been given a zillion conflicting opinions from other parents from strangers to (surprisingly) the closest people to me. Some people are trying to help, others, I feel, are just trying to push their own agenda.

But parenting is NOT one size fits all. And we have certainly NEVER fit into most people’s mold of how life should progress.

So, I just want to say, that my husband and I will make the best decisions we feel for our baby.  If you are curious about them and want to have an intelligent conversation, I’m game! But I’m not interested in being told that my choices are wrong simply because they aren’t the ones you made.  Every parent is different. Every parent is doing the best he/she can.  I wish more parents would support one another, even when they disagree, and cut the mommy-shaming BS out. I’m just so over it and this kid isn’t even here yet.

OK, end rant.

For real though, I’d like to end this last pregnancy update on a happy note SO… for all 5 people that probably read this, and for my family and friends who have been super supportive even when I’ve been hard to deal with, I’m very grateful and thankful for the love that me, my husband, and our baby have been shown!



2 thoughts on “Baby C: 36 weeks – full term

  1. You are so, so close. I would honestly rather be 41+ weeks pregnant again than deal with all my postpartum issues – migraines, acne, and a rash/hives that have covered my entire body. 😉 You are going to do great! You and Daddy can just do things the way you want to and in a way that works for your family. For us, the first 10 days were the hardest and we didn’t have any guests until week 3. It worked for us but may not work for everyone. Best of luck and I’m wishing you a smooth delivery.


    1. Thank you so much! I think taking the time just you three is a great idea. Besides parents and siblings, we’re hoping to at least limit it and get some good bonding time in!!


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