Dear Caelan

Welcome to this earth, sweet baby Caelan Thomas! 

Caelan (Gaelic) : ‘powerful warrior’

Born : 3/31/17 at 2:15pm | 9lbs 4oz | 21in

Dear Caelan,

I promise to always love you and do right by you. I promise to encourage you to walk your own path, and offer you support along the way. I promise to never be too proud to ask for help in raising you, or too timid to fight for you. I promise to make you laugh, to sing and read to you, and to be silly.

My hopes and dreams for you are simple: I hope you live up to your name, yet remain humble. I hope you love this earth like we do. Mostly, I hope you know that if you have nothing else, you are loved by us, always and forever. After all, you are the only one who knows what my heart sounds like from the inside.


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