How to Get Through 9 Months of Being Pregnant

Now that I got through 9+ months of being pregnant and delivered a baby that I’ve managed to take care of for 2 weeks, I’m clearly an expert.

Pregnancy is no joke.  And I don’t care how many people out there “loved being pregnant” and felt “so beautiful,” I was not and will never be one of them.  My “easy” pregnancy was not exactly a walk in the park;  I mean, your body is occupied by literally another human being for almost a year.  It might just be the most difficult, uncomfortable (but rewarding!) experience ever… and there’s definitely some things that helped along the way that I honestly don’t think I could have survived without. 

A Good Tracking App. The first thing I did when I found out about little one was download the Glow Nurture App. Okay, it was probably like the 4th thing I did, after freak out, call the doctor, and freak out more. Obviously channeling my OCD into a practical use was the next logical step. I used the regular Glow App for cycle tracking, so I was familiar with it already and felt like it was a logical choice, but it’s definitely easy enough to use if you’re unfamiliar. It’s helpful to track your symptoms, if you’ve taken your vitamin, done your kegals … but it’s also really helpful when your doctor asks you questions to have the answers in a handy little app. Especially because you have no memory when you’re preggo.

A Few Good Preggo/Mommy Books. There’s definitely no “perfect fit” when it comes to reading and preparing for becoming a parent, but there are some hilarious reads on child rearing that can start to get you in the right mindset. Here’s some of my favorites.


A Journal. I kept track of every first and every pregnancy milestone, because I think one day I’ll like to look back on it! Also, journaling helps get the crazy thoughts out before you take them out on an actual person. Sometimes.

The Snoogle. I wish I got this earlier. I swore up and down that I wouldn’t need it, but the back pain got so bad that I ended up just buying it on the off chance that it would help. Sorry hubby, it was the best sleeping partner EVER.


Babo Care Pregnancy Belt. Not the most attractive thing ever, but DEFINITELY helpful for pelvic girdle pain/symphesis disorder. It really just takes the weight of your belly off of the pelvic area and gives some relief for pain that not much else can be done about.

Acupuncture. I don’t think I’d survive a pregnancy without acupuncture. Knee’s hurt? Go to acu! Can’t sleep? Acu! Breech baby? Yep, acu! I even tried it to induce labor, but I guess I’ll never know what finally triggered it.  If anything, it’s a half hour of relaxation all to yourself that you’re not going to have once the baby comes.

Essential oils. There’s not much medication you can take while pregnant, and you know how I feel about putting that stuff in my body anyway, but essential oils can definitely provide relief when needed.  NOT ALL OILS ARE SAFE DURING PREGNANCY…but some of my faves, like peppermint and lavender, really help with relaxation and muscle cramps, especially in a warm jetted bath! (mommy shaming about safety and hot baths not welcome here)


Coconut Oil. I’ve always used coconut oil as a moisturizer, but it’s also a great stretch mark prevention cream! And it’s great for nursing post delivery 😉

Seltzer. Seltzer was the only thing, and I’m not exaggerating this time, that helped with pregnancy nausea. Oh, and maybe sleeping.

Herbal Tea. Relaxing. Good for anxiety.  Provides an alternative to wine when water gets boring!

Fresh Fruit. Other than carbs, fruit was the most gentle on my stomach!

Yoga Blocks. Yoga felt weird for most of my pregnancy, but props definitely helped. Here’s some of my fave preggo yoga poses, along with a rant about how awkward I felt practicing yoga pregnant.


The Belly Band. After a serious meltdown about being too small for maternity pants, but too uncomfortable for regular pants (I know, first world problems), my mom bought me the belly band. Obsessed. You can either slide the band over your unbuttoned regular pants OR to hold up loose maternity pants. It actually fit me for like the whole pregnancy and made me feel human enough to fit into some of my regular clothes.

Maternity Tights. I was on a serious mission NOT to buy maternity clothes (probably another reason I loved my belly band), so these were really practical when it came to still being able to wear all of my dresses and not freeze in the winter.

Someone You Can Really Count On. For me this was my husband, and I’m so incredibly lucky that he’s been such an amazing support system.  I can’t even think of something funny and sarcastic to say..



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