We’re Moving!!

I’ve lived in the same house my whole life.

Like from the day I was born until now. As a kid, as a teenager, during college, with my husband, and now with our baby.  It’s definitely time for a change. And more space.Through the end of high school, I lived upstairs with my family, then I moved downstairs to the studio apartment during college, and my husband (then fiancée) moved in when we were engaged and we renovated/redecorated the apartment so it was less mine and more ours.  We’ve thought about moving, but (you can read more here) staying in this small space in my parents’ house allowed us to send my husband back to school without taking a financial loss or giving up our quality of life or our passion for travel. To be honest, enjoying life as a married couple took priority over having a bigger space.

It may be small, but over the years this miniature space became home. Leaving our tiny home is going to be so bittersweet. As much as I get frustrated over needing more closet space and wanting to cook dinner in a bigger kitchen or needing an office now for when hubby works from home, we have so many wonderful memories here. It’s the first place we had together, picked paint colors and furniture together, and where we’ve shared deep conversation and many bottles of wine together. It’s where we celebrated our marriage and where brought our child home.

But now that we have a child and our priorities have shifted, finding a bigger place was a necessity. Its just time to take the next step. I also genuinely enjoy entertaining and I’m excited to have a place big enough to host more than one person.

Our new apartment is 900 square feet, with old parquet floors, original cabinets, and exposed brick in the kitchen. It’s a vintage dream; I think it was meant for us and I’m so happy it’s ours! I’m already thinking about furniture and paint and the really important things like where to put my wine rack!!

We move in June 1, and I cannot wait!!


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