Wellness Trends Make my Eyes Roll

I’ve been thinking about this a lot lately. Like every time I’m on instagram or read a wellness journal.

I enjoy eating healthy. I’m addicted to my smoothies and I love roasted vegetables and fresh salads. I practice and teach yoga and I meditate and use essential oils. I practically live at acupuncture.  I purchase or make non toxic products and I’m definitely a bit of a tree higher.  I enjoy being healthy conscious as much as the next wellness minded person, but there’s some stuff that’s going around in the “wellness community” that just makes me roll my eyes.

Instagram and the like are flooded with trendy wellness shit like bone broth and bulletproof coffee and collagen protein? Wtf is activated charcoal and why are we blaming everything on Mercury in retrograde? What are these things. Why are we replacing everything with cauliflower. I mean, I like cauliflower but it’s not a carb. Why can’t we have bread and rice and butter anymore. Also, cauliflower doesn’t belong in a smoothie. And what’s with the crusade against alcohol? Can’t we be healthy and into wellness and enjoy things that actually taste good. Like wine.

Can we stop making health trendy? I just find it so inauthentic. I’m not not healthy because I don’t know what bone broth is or because I sometimes have wine and cheese for dinner.

I enjoy plant based meals, but my diet also absolutely consists of real butter and real cheese and definitely a lot of wine. Yes, I buy organic and I go to the farmers market when it’s in season. I do my part to be conscious of what I put into my body. Real ingredients are key. But I don’t feel the need to give up everything delicious and replace it with a ridiculous trendy product in the name of “health and wellness.” It’s called balance. And just being a normal f**king person.

So don’t mind me, I’m just going to sit back and relax with my oversized glass of wine and call it a meal!


One thought on “Wellness Trends Make my Eyes Roll

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