Caelan Thomas: two months

Caelan is growing so much. He’s 13.5 pounds & 23 inches long: he gained another 2 pounds and grew another half inch this past month. I think my heart doubled in size. 

This past month we’ve been enjoying being outside in the beautiful spring weather, eating meals in the backyard, taking plenty of walks on the trails and around the neighborhood, we even made it to the beach. We get out a lot more since he’s a bit older and I don’t have to keep him isolated; he comes with me to run our errands, we go to a breastfeeding support group every Wednesday, and we visit Andrew for lunch once during the work week. We’ve seen family and he had his first short trip to Pennsylvania for his aunt’s birthday and got to meet his cousin for the first time.

Caelan is so alert now and just loves looking around and exploring his surroundings and he’s so great with meeting new people. He’s beginning to interact with his toys and become aware of things and people around him. He loves books, bath time in his bath pod, his blue bunny, his cuddle blanket from my cousin Tina, and the song, The Year of the Cat.

img_1501.jpgHe smiles and coos at us all the time now, and he’s begun to make some new sounds other than his baby cries and grunts.  There’s like this deep intention behind his sounds and movement now and I love watching him figure himself and this world out.  It’s absolutely amazing.

img_1492-e1496171847979.jpgCaelan is so joyful and full of life; he’s taught me to slow down and just savor the tiniest of moments, like listening to the birds at 5 am while I feed him, hearing the earth come to life. He has changed me. He’s changed his daddy. And having him in my life is the single greatest feeling ever.


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