Caelan Thomas: three months 

My baby boy turned three months on June 30th.I know, I’m more than a week late here; between going back to work, settling in to the apartment, and my sister’s wedding, life has been all over the place.  Anyway,  Caelan’s technically not considered a newborn anymore.  He never seemed like one at a birth weight of 9.4, but I still feel like he’s growing so fast. At his 3 month checkup, he measured almost 26 inches and weighed in at 15.7 lbs. No wonder we switched him into 3-6 month clothes weeks ago.

It’s funny how every little thing makes you so emotional – like moving up a clothing size. Every milestone is a reminder that he’s getting bigger every day. It’s amazing and wonderful, and bittersweet because it goes so fast.

Every month, he becomes more and more of his own person.  He has these adorable facial expressions and he makes these ridiculous sounds when we talk to him. He belly laughs now when we play with him and he definitely gets annoyed when we have to stop. He loves being held and bounced up and down and he still loves bath time.

Caelan’s sleeping better – we can usually count on a 5 hour (sometimes 7!) stretch overnight and he almost always goes back down for another 3-4. He has also started teething and he’s getting better at holding his head up. He’s also trying so hard to roll over. He does this cute little thing where he arches his back and tucks his knees in and rolls onto his side, and gets frustrated when he’s stuck there. Honestly, everything he does is the cutest, but I might be a little biased.

The biggest change this month, though, has been going back to work. You can read more here, but as hard as it is, I’m fortunate to have a job that I love and that is close by, my mom’s help, and a babysitter that I’ve known for years and trust!  It makes it a little less stressful for this stressed out mama! The whole thing has just really changed my perspective on being a parent.

I try my hardest to dedicate my time to him when I’m home, but I also really feel like I need to take care of myself.  Finding that balance has been the hardest thing for me, because I’ll always put Caelan first.  But being a good parent also requires that I show up for myself.. and do things like shower and eat.  Lately, once he’s in bed, I’ve been reading in bed with a glass or two of wine, and it just makes me feel more me.  We’re developing our new normal, and it’s not easy, but I think we’re getting there.

At the end of the day, I have a beautiful home, a husband who helps me, and a baby who is happy and healthy and the absolute best thing in my world.


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