Holiday Photo Diary: Christmas in New York City

New York City during Christmas is one of my favorite things.  Andrew and I have made the trip in almost every year since being together, and making Caelan part of our tradition made my heart smile.

I sort of felt like a crazy person for dragging my 9-month-old into Manhattan with the holiday crowds, but at the same time, I didn’t want to use his age as a cop-out.  We love the city, especially this time of year, and I want to continue our traditions as a family of three, even if it means not doing as much as we normally do.

img_3634Wearing Caelan the entire time was definitely the smartest choice I’ve made as a parent in a while! It kept him away from crowds, the selfie sticks, and getting pummeled by shopping bags. I felt like he was safer with me, and he actually napped well in his Moby wrap as we made our way uptown and looked at all of the sights.

img_3638img_3636img_3644img_3603Caelan loved seeing Times Square and visiting his grandpa at work and seeing his face on his first ever train ride brought his dada so much joy! Mama loved her French dinner and watching Caelan crawl around the hotel where his grandpa works (like she did as a little girl) and seeing the most amazing displays at Lord and Taylor, which are always the best on 5th Avenue!img_3640img_3625


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