Caelan Thomas: 9 Months


Height: 28¾ incles (62nd percentile)
Weight: 19 lbs 12 oz (50th percentile)
Likes: singing songs with Mommy | dancing and shaking his butt | clapping his hands | playing with toy links and anything he can spin | trying new foods
Dislikes: mangoes | the vacuum | going to bed
Milestones: sits up | pulls to stand | crawls everywhere | starting to cruise | claps hands/high fives | understands his own name and “no” | groups objects together (balls, blocks, links..) | feeds himself small foods like cereal Os | 7 teeth


Caelan has quite the little personality.  Sometimes I look at him and I can’t believe that he’s not this tiny little thing that needed my constant support and attention.  He’s so independent; he loves to play with his toys and discover new things on his own.  Of course he still loves to be held and separation anxiety is definitely starting. When I get home from work, he crawls over to me to snuggle and eat, then makes it clear he wants to go on his merry little way, crawling his way around the apartment and pulling himself up on every piece of furniture.  Having a kid that’s mobile is definitely different, but so exciting! We were able to actually take him out on the snow to play on his toboggan and in no time, he’ll be walking and running around the little playground we have here.

He’s been enjoying eating new foods and started eating solid food in addition to his purees.  It makes sharing meal times with him easier and more fun. I realize as he learns to feed himself small pieces of food that it’s one more thing he eventually won’t need me for. He only nurses 4 times a day since we tried, tirelessly, to night wean him.  It’s still a work-in-progress, but around Christmas we took the advice of Caelan’s doctor and my lactation consultant and started letting him cry a bit to see if he could self soothe without eating.  Most nights, he falls back asleep within ten minutes.

As I write this, I realize that all three of us are in a pretty good place.  We definitely have our harder days; there’s a ton of frustration for me with stuff not getting done at home and days where Caelan is fussy and impossible to please, but most days are happy and filled with a lot of playtime and bonding and smiles.  Always a ton smiles.





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