Wellness Trends Make my Eyes Roll

I’ve been thinking about this a lot lately. Like every time I’m on instagram or read a wellness journal. Continue reading “Wellness Trends Make my Eyes Roll”


My Non-Toxic Wedding Registry

Registering for our wedding/shower was one of the most fun experiences I had while planning my wedding.  I mean, the possibilities are endless with 6,589 skillets to chose from.  It’s easy to get carried away, but I work hard to remember that registering for your wedding or shower is the start to building your home togetherContinue reading “My Non-Toxic Wedding Registry”

DIY Non-Toxic All Purpose Cleaner

After I began transitioning to a more holistic lifestyle, one of my first considerations was household cleaners.  Because obviously I can’t not clean, but I also can’t use chemicals.

Consider both the threat of inhalation/constant exposure and the contamination of your food when using a recently “cleaned” surface.  Gross. Continue reading “DIY Non-Toxic All Purpose Cleaner”