May Snapshots

We’ve been soaking in the beautiful spring weather, spending lots of time outside, and just savoring the moments we have as a family. Caelan will be two months on Wednesday; never in my life has two months seemed to go by so quickly. His first year is flying by and I’m so afraid that if I blink, I’ll miss something. Continue reading “May Snapshots”

9 New Years Eves Together. I Think. I Stopped Counting.

I have very, very mixed feelings about New Year’s Eve.  I think most resolutions are unrealistic loads of crap and I’m not sure why people feel the need to overhaul their life as the calendar turns a page.  Self reflection and growth should be natural, and frequent, and, honestly, if you’re not doing that on a daily basis, January 1st isn’t going to make a difference.  Also, I’m over over-priced nights out with college kids who can’t grow up.  Actually, I was never into that. Just give me a bottle of Bordeaux and an old movie and I’m good. Continue reading “9 New Years Eves Together. I Think. I Stopped Counting.”