How to Read More Books with Less Time

Discover how to read more books with less time using these librarian approved tips and motivational tricks!

how to read more books

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If anyone knows how to read more books, it’s a librarian. If anyone knows how to read more books without actually having the time, it’s a librarian who was working full time, raising two children, planning a cross country move, and trying to also run a blog.

With all of my free time (hah!) as a now stay at home mom, I’ve written up my insider tips and tricks that I recommended to get even the most reluctant reader reading.

How to Make Time to Read More Books

  • Always Have a Book With You

Throw it in your oversized diaper bag. What’s one more thing? Consider it #selfcare.

  • Read In the Morning and Before Bed

Grab your morning coffee and read some poetry or short passages. Read a chapter while you chill out with your nightly glass of red. Have a second in the interest of reading more.

book shelves
  • Read Instead of Scrolling – Get a Reading App

Instead of scrolling through social media while you’re at the doctor, try reading. Insider tip: many libraries offer free books through a downloadable overdrive account. And they’re free.

  • Listen to a Book

Listening to books is like hands free reading. Read while you cook. While you clean or fold laundry. Read in the car on your way to the wine store. Don’t judge me that, until recently, I still used CDs in my car.

Audiobooks are on FIRE lately. Spoken word apps and programs like Audible, Amazon’s audio book collection, make listening to books so accessible it’s kind of hard not to read.

Use the Links Below to Try Audible for Free or Gift an Audible Membership

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  • Join a Book Club

No matter what they’re reading, book clubs all have one thing in common. People want to read more, and socialize more. It’s kind of like a workout partner. Book clubs keep you in check!

  • Find a Book Challenge

Who doesn’t love a good challenge. Goodreads, for example, hosts annual challenges in which you set the parameters for how much you want to read. You’re able to connect online with other readers, read reviews, and join their hosted challenges as well.

  • Try Non Fiction

Not everyone is into novels and bestsellers. Nonfiction provides material on real, relatable topics that you might be passionate about. Think biographies, self help, history exposés, sports stories…

  • Stop Reading Books You Don’t Like

You’re not going to be excited to pick up a book you’re not enjoying. More often than not, you’ll feel obligated to finish it and force yourself into a reading stalemate. Just DNF the book down and find something more enjoyable.

book stack

For me, nothing sparks joy like listening to a good historical fiction novel while sipping my white Bordeaux. Sorry Marie Kondo, I’m not decluttering my bookshelf anytime soon. Or my wine rack.

Did these tips help you make time to read more? What would you add to this list?

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  1. October 2, 2019 / 11:18 am

    I always try to read for a few hours at night as my social media detox. I know that when I pound away on my computer right until lights out, I just don’t sleep well or cannot even fall asleep, period. I also find reading during a lunch break is helpful, and I always have a book for the doctor’s office because you know they are never running on time.

    I was recently asked to start an in-person book club in my city so I am thinking about that one… that concept would definitely put on the pressure to read more.

    It’s so hard to find time to read, even as a book blogger. Someone asked me the other day if I read 12+ books a month. GOSH NO. Thanks for the tips!

    • Tori
      October 6, 2019 / 11:10 pm

      I need to be better about reading before bed and not shutting my computer screen and calling it a night. It would definitely make me a better book blogger…and human! Umm yeah, I do NOT have time for twelve books a month. I always (friendly) chuckle at book bloggers who share there monthly reads and it’s like 16 books. Yeah, I’m lucky if I’ve read that this year with a baby.

      You should absolutely do an in person book club. I’ll fly in for one of them!! Can you hold it at pizza and brewing? Kidding…sort of!

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