9 Charming Picture Books About Paris for Kids

Planning a family trip to Paris or simply looking to delight little ones with the City of Lights? Discover our favorite kids books in and about Paris.

kids picture books about Paris

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There’s something charming about Paris, even for kids. Whether heading to the city of lights or armchair traveling, little ones adore discovering this city.

When I worked in the children’s library, even the smallest kids loved finding picture books about Paris and marveling at the landmarks. My own toddler loves my Eiffel Tower souvenir; he often carts it around the house while Peppa Pig Goes to Paris plays in the background.

It’s no surprise though since his mama is pretty Paris obsessed.

While we’re disappointed that our tentative first trip must wait (our plan was to fly through Paris for a few days before embarking on a cruise), we’re looking forward to one day visiting with our two toddlers.

For now, my kids and I will be enjoying these picture books all about Paris and it’s beauty.

9 Charming Picture Books About Paris for Kids

Madeline, one of the most poular kids books, tells about a curious girl living in paris

Madeline by Ludwig Bemelmans

How do you not start with the classic story of Madeline. One of the most well known and loved picture books for kids, this whimsical story about a girl in Paris has remained a classic for years. Children still adore the story of Madeline and her antics set against the backdrop of dreamy Paris.

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Poppy looks for the brightest light in this picture book about Paris

Poppy Takes Paris: A Little Girl’s Adventures in the City of Light by Allison Pataki

Poppy lives in Paris, buying fresh flowers, eating delicious pastries, and walking the cobblestone streets with her dog, Baguette. One day she wakes up with a burning question: which light shines the brightest in her City of Lights. Weaving in French vocabulary and classic landmarks, Poppy will delight children about to embark on their own trip to Paris.

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Take a walk through Paris in this charming picture book for kids

A Walk in Paris by Salvatore Rubbino

Follow a young girl and her grandfather on their walk through Paris. Climb Notre Dame, wander into sweet shops, take in view of the Eiffel Tower and more. Find French trivia and more about the charming city.

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follow Arlo the Armadillo as he learns about Paris and the iron lady in this whimsical kids picture book

An Armadillo in Paris by Julie Kraulis

Follow Arlo the Armadillo on his adventure through Paris. Guided by his grandfather’s journal, Arlo discovers the charms of Paris, from croissants to the Louvre, from the Seine to the Iron Lady. With clues on each page, children will also love discovering who this mysterious Iron Lady is.

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discover the sights and sounds of paris in A Lion in Paris

A Lion in Paris by Beatrice Alemagna

Bored of his life in the Savanna, a lion heads to Paris for some excitement. Despite his size and ferocious road, he’s largely ignored by his fellow Parisians. Children will enjoy discovering the sights and sounds of Paris, and what it means to be a stranger in a new city.

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Discover the story of Louis Braille through pictures in Six Dots

Six Dots: A Story of Young Louis Braille by Jen Bryant

Louis Braille was five years old when we lost high sight. Though his school for the blind in Paris had no books, Braille was determined to read. Thus he invents his own alphabet – a system of dots that could be read through touch.

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Picture Books for Older Children

Not to be overlooked, picture books for older and more mature children are worthwhile. With dreamy illustrations, these picture books showcase Paris, with a little extra information and detail.

Picture books for older kids, like Hugo Cabret, tell about Paris and cinematography

The Invention of Hugo Cabret by Brian Sleznick

Though often found with children’s fiction, The Invention of Hugo Cabret is largely told in pictures and can be considered a picture book. In fact, it won the most distinguished picture book award, the Caldecott Medal.

Young orphan Hugo is living and repairing clocks within a Paris train station in 1931. When he meets an eccentric girl and a toy booth owner, his life and secrets are suddenly in jeopardy.

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The Grand Mosque of Paris is an ideal picture book for older kids about Paris during the holocaust

The Grand Mosque of Paris: A Story of How Muslims Rescued Jews During the Holocaust by Karen Gray Ruelle

Older reader style picture books, like this one about Paris during the Holocaust, are ideal for kids that can handle more mature topics and language. Learn of Parisian Jews, including children, who took refuge in the Grand Mosque of Paris. When other Parisians were reluctant to help, Jewish citizens found an ally in the most unlikely of places.

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paris picture books this is paris 1

This is Paris by Miroslav Sasek

Longer and more detailed than other picture books, Sasek shows kids everything elegant about Paris. Written in the 1950s and updated in the early 2000s, this nostalgic work presents quintessential Paris from the banks to the Seine, to the sidewalk cafés, to the thousands of cats. Find history scattered through vivid, intricate illustrations.

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Have you visited Paris with children? Do you little ones enjoy reading books to learn about new destinations? Have you read any of the books in this list? What would you add to this list?

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