I try to lead a simple life.  I believe in nourishing my body with healthy products, nourishing my mind with constant education and intellectual conversation, and nourishing my soul with yoga, travel, and anything else that simply brings joy to me and my family. I’m a minimalist in all aspects of my life and I prefer to spend my time and money on experiences that leave smiles for years to come.


IMG_8999In 2015, I completed my 200 hour Yoga Teacher Training at a small studio on Long Island. It was a life changing, purposeful experience and it gave me the opportunity to share something I so deeply believe in. To me, yoga is this beautiful, ancient practice that helps us strip away what we really don’t need so we can just simple be. I believe, though, that most western yoga is overpriced, inaccessible, and sensationalized.  We’ve deviated from a traditionally spiritual practice of human connection and spirituality, and we’re left with expensive leggings and models doing headstands on yachts.  I’m passionate about bringing the “real” yoga into my classes (and my life), and I strive to share less about physical asanas and more about living a more conscious, empathetic life.


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