I like to cook.  And eat. And drink wine. You’ll find a healthy amount of all three here!


My philosophy is simple: I believe in living and eating simply and consciously. My husband thinks I’m ridiculous because I insist on making everything from scratch, and sometimes subbing vegetables for pasta, but I’m really just passionate about knowing what I’m putting into my body. A lot of my recipes are made from scratch (though they’re not that complicated!) and free of inflammatory causing and processed foods.  (You can read more about my food intolerance journey here). But that doesn’t mean that I don’t also enjoy butter and French wine.  Did I mention that already?  Food, for me, is just as much an experience meant to be enjoyed and a chance to bring us together. Like everything else in life, it’s about balance.

I couldn’t care less about most “wellness trends,” and take a more “old-fashioned” approach to what we put into our bodies.  Simple, uncomplicated, real food combined with actually listening to your body yields the best results.  I’m not a nutritionist, or a dietitian, or some sort of certified anything, but I know what works for me and I enjoy sharing it.

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