A Minimalist Baby Registry for Parents Who Hate Baby Stuff

Not interested in baby clutter? Check out our thoughtfully curated and simple minimalist baby registry for everything you need and everything you don’t!

minimalist baby registry

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If you’re here looking for a simple minimalist baby registry, I’m assuming you’re one (or both) of the following:

  • A mom to be (congratulations!) looking for an alternative to excessive shower registry lists. Do you hate clutter? Have a small space? You’re in the right place!
  • Someone who wants to welcome their child into a home that’s less than materialistic. Do you prefer to save your time and money for experiences rather than things? Good, me too!

This minimalist baby registry was born out of both necessity and lifestyle habits. Did you know we lived in 400 square feet when we had our first?

The idea of my home, at any size, being taken over by plastic baby crap gave me serious anxiety. And I just never felt the need to have so much stuff when I knew we wanted to cultivate a space that reflected our lifestyle: simple.

Then there was that time my sister was expecting a baby during a pandemic. Her baby shower was cancelled, shipments delayed, essentials were out of stock and she had to order just what she needed for her baby within budget.

This minimalist baby registry has lived through it all.

Also, I promise you this isn’t one of those blog posts that promises to be minimal, then promoted 687 baby registry items. How can we get google’s algorithm to fix that one…

Find exactly what you need to keep your baby safe, healthy, and fed. Nothing more, nothing less. Save the rest of your time and money cultivating family memories to last a life time.

a minimalist baby registry might be on your radar if you want to collect family memories instead of things

A Few Quick Tips on Creating Your Minimalist Baby Registry

Where Should You Setup Your Minimalist Baby Registry?

Oh Amazon, you’re a parent’s dream come true…even before becoming a parent! The absolute easiest way to set up your baby registry is through Amazon.

Amazon’s offerings surpass every other retailer but if you can’t find exactly what you want, you can add items from any other website. Their registry completion discount is 15% (standard) but you can use it twice up within two months of your due date.

Shower Guests Love “Wishing Well” Add-Ons

We suggest skipping toys, clothes, accessories, binkies, blankets, and most of those small trinkets. Why? People love to buy them unsolicited. And, on the off chance that you don’t get enough onesies, they’re inexpensive to buy and not worth the registry space.

Prioritize High Ticket Items

By marking high ticket items as favorites, or keeping your registry small enough, you maximize your chances of getting what you actually need.

I always preferred a few family members pooling for a crib or stroller than receiving a bunch of smaller, unnecessary items. Don’t leave yourself in a position where you need to purchase the higher ticket necessities because you registered for spoons.

Hand Me Downs Are Your Friend

Skip registering for short-term items, like clothes, and get thrifty. I’ve literally passed on baby outfits, burp cloths, shoes, swaddles, and toys all unused.

Don’t Think Too Far Ahead

Other baby registry checklists suggest thinking ahead, but this minimalist mom likes to go against the grain. But won’t I need these things eventually?

Eventually means finding a storage space. Move items for the future off of your minimalist baby registry and onto a birthday wishlist down the line.

Our Minimalist Baby Registry Checklist

Minimalist Baby Registry: Sleeping Essentials

A Crib

Ohh sleep. You won’t get much of it, but a safe sleeping space is still of utmost importance.

If you want to go super minimal here, consider a mini crib. A smaller, sleeker crib with all of the functionality of a full sized crib, a mini crib is incredibly versatile.

Perfect for smaller spaces, the Babyletto Mini Crib is ideal to keep next to your bed in the first few months. Since it’s small and portable, it can then move to a nursery.

minimalist baby registry crib essentials

You’ll Also Need…

  • A Crib Mattress // The Babyletto Mattress the mini crib and can be easily cleaned in the washing machine.
  • Crib Sheets // You’ll never need more than three crib sheets. One for the crib, one in the wash, one for overnight emergencies.
  • Sleep Sacks // Cute and practical, wearable blankets (sleep-sacks) keep baby warm and safe.

Skip It…

  • Bassinet – a mini crib is the perfect size for all stages of baby sleep
  • Bedding – aka a pile of blankets and top sheets sitting on your floor because you can’t actually use them. And you know how I feel about top sheets.
  • Bumpers – even mesh crib bumpers are not recommended for safe sleep.
  • Swaddles – you’ll get them in the hospital and only be able to use them until little one rolls right out of them.

Minimalist Baby Registry: Transportation Essentials

Infant Carseat

You literally can’t leave the hospital without one…

Top rated for safety, we use the Chicco KeyFit 30. It’s very lightweight and easy to clean.


We use Chicco Viarao System, which comes with the carseat, base, and stroller. Systems are a convenient way to make sure everything fits together.

If you’re looking for something that easily converts to a double, nothing beats the UppaBaby Vista.

You’ll Also Need…

  • A Carseat Adaptor // The Chicco adaptor, for example, is designed to fit the KeyFit carseat into the UppaBaby Stroller.
  • A Convertible Carseat // Convertible seats like the Graco 4Ever keep children rear facing long after they outgrow the infant seat. This is the one future necessity I do recommend. Since they come with infant inserts, avoid storing it and simply use it in dad’s or grandma’s car until mom is ready for it.
  • Soft Structured Baby Carrier // Babywearing is a life saver. A carrier like the ErgoBaby fits from newborn (with an infant insert) through toddlerhood. I also love the Moby Wrap for newborn days.
every minimalist baby registry needs a baby carrier

Skip It…

  • Aftermarket Carseat Gear – head rests, shoulder and neck pillows, fleece linings – it’s all out of regulation and unsafe.

Minimalist Baby Registry: Feeding Essentials

Breastfeeding Pump and Supplies

Even as a minimalist, my baby registry admittedly was filled with nursing gear. Don’t worry, it’s not excessive.

If you’re planning to nurse, you might be surprised to learn that it’s more than simply feeding baby directly from the source.

Especially if you’re pumping…

Did you know that The Affordable Care Act mandates that insurance companies cover electric breast pumps? Before registering for one, call to see if you qualify.

That said, I found my Manual Pump the most convenient for pumping at work. It’s inexpensive, electricity free, portable, and quiet. Also great for long car rides when you can’t pull over to nurse, the hand pump comes with a bottle attachment so you can simply pump and bottle feed.

You’ll Also Need…

  • Milk Storage // You can’t pump and bottle feed without breastmilk storage bags.
  • Nipple Cream // Lanolin cream is an absolute must for sore nipples, especially when you’re new to the whole breastfeeding gig.
  • Nursing Pads // This minimalist mama loved reusable nursing pads because you absolutely will leak in the beginning.
  • Nursing Pillow // The Boppy nursing pillow is sturdier than using a regular pillow (I made that mistake once!) to position baby to feed.
  • A Nursing Cover // If you’re shy like I am, a nursing cover might alleviate some anxiety about nursing in public.
  • Nursing Clothing // I recommend a couple of nursing bras and/or nursing tanks if you don’t want to be getting undressed every two hours to nurse.


If you’re planning to bottle or formula feed, a bottle set is an obvious necessity, even on a minimalist baby registry. Even if you’re nursing, you may return to work or find that you want dad to help with a feeding.

High Chair

I adore my dining room set and the last thing I wanted was a plastic high chair taking the space of my mid-mod seating. Still, a high chair is a clear necessity.

We initially went with a plastic space saver, because it saves space and can go in the dishwasher, but I quickly found that I would have preferred a sturdy, wooden chair.

Our number one recommendation is now the Trip Trap Highchair by Stokke – it will last for the infant years, through toddlerhood, and longer. Plus it’s sleek and pretty!

Skip It…

  • Bibs – outfits come with them. Regardless, it won’t matter, babies will get food everywhere except the bib.
  • Baby Food Maker – what’s wrong with the blender you have?
  • Bottle Warmer – your kitchen sink runs hot water, no?

Minimalist Baby Registry: Diapering Essentials

Diapers and Wipes

Setting up a cutesy area to change a crappy diaper is painfully unnecessary. What you really need are the ALL THE DIAPERS AND WIPES.

Add varying sizes of diapers and wipes to your registry or consider registering for a cloth diaper set.

consider cloth diapering for your minimalist baby registry

Both minimal and mindful, cloth diapers are a staple of any natural or minimalist baby registry.

Special Discounts for Your Registry:

You’ll Also Need…

Skip It…

  • Changing Table – takes up a lot of valuable nursery space for something short term. Affix the changing table to a dresser instead.
  • Diaper Genie – what happened to the other garbage?
  • Wipe Warmer – is this acceptable for adults?

Minimalist Baby Registry: Cleaning Essentials

A Baby Bath Positioner

Typical plastic baby baths are bulky and don’t store well. A space saving alternative like a bath sling or the blooming bath lotus is perfect for your minimalist baby registry and your home.

You’ll Also Need…

  • Baby Wash and Lotion // You can’t complete bath time without a gentle wash and lotion – always go with unscented for that soft baby skin!
  • Wash Cloths and Towels // A few washcloths and one hooded towel (maybe two) will be plenty.
  • Rectal Thermometer // A rectal thermometer gives the most accurate temperature read.
  • An Infant Toothbrush // The minute baby cuts his first tooth, you should brush it with an infant toothbrush.

Skip It…

  • Full size baby bathtub – it takes up space and is useful for less than a year.
  • Bath toys – your baby won’t play much in the beginning, but you’ll likely receive a few bath toys without registering for them.

I was less than an easy person to deal with pregnant. Aren’t we all??

Not only did I have my heart set on a minimalist baby registry, but I hardly wanted a baby shower. Simple and minimal all the way. Though I crave experiences over things, certain gifts touched me.

Receiving books instead of cards is one of those heartwarming shower suggestions even a minimalist mama will adore. Meaningful hand-me-downs from my husband’s aunt brought a smile to my face.

Though a shower or registry might be minimal, any mom to be has enough room for a thoughtful gift. In fact, leaving a lot of the excess off the registry gives your loved ones a chance to get creative and personal with the small extras you’ll need, like clothes, toys, and books.

Are you considering a minimalist baby registry or do you want all the things?

If you have kids, what must-haves for baby would you add to our list? Anything you’d take away? Do you prefer to have extra stuff for convenience or a minimal home like we do? Let us know your thoughts in the comments.

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  1. March 12, 2017 / 12:01 am

    Smart choices! In a studio apartment, I don’t think I would’ve done anything differently.

    Even though I was originally anti-wipe warmer and anti-diaper genie, I love them both now – my baby hated diaper changes so the warm wipes helped. However, they’re not essential! And those genie replacement bags get so expensive! I wish cloth diapering would have been feasible for us.

    • March 13, 2017 / 1:25 pm

      It’s tough in a studio apartment since there’s like no space!! He better not be a fussy baby!

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