26 Genius Minimalist Christmas Gifts

25 unique minimalist Christmas gifts and experiences for that someone special who is impossible to shop for and already has everything.

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Coming up with Christmas gifts and ideas to truly wow a minimalist can seem like a next to impossible task.

As someone who proudly condemns owning excess stuff and asks for experiences over things, I understand the predicament I put my loved ones in when holidays roll around. Are you sure there’s nothing you want or need…

I can appreciate a thoughtful gift as much as the next person, but I enjoy introducing out of the box ideas and experience gifts as options, too. Even moreso.

Minimalists value time and experience over material items that don’t bring joy or purpose. I know it’s different and hard to show up “empty handed”, but the best gift you can give a minimalist is acknowledgment of their lifestyle.

These minimalist Christmas gifts will provide meaning and enhancement to anyone’s life, even the person who says they have everything. And don’t worry, we’ve included a few actual items if you truly decide you need an adorable gift under the tree.

Discover unique food subscriptions, travel ideas, family experiences, and thoughtful minimalist Christmas gifts for kids and men. What will you snag for your loved one this holiday season?

Minimalist Christmas Gifts - ideas for women, toddlers, kids, and men

25 Minimalist Christmas Gifts for People Who Don’t Want More Stuff

Coffee or Restaurant Gift Cards

Who doesn’t enjoy coffee or a meal out? Sure to be a hit with just about any minimalist, or anyone at all, you simply can’t go wrong here.

Don’t overlook dinner delivery services, like GrubHub or DoorDash, either. Gift cards for take out services are a great idea if you’re not sure where your gift recipient enjoys dining. I certainly always appreciate a night off from cooking.

Homemade Food and Sweets

Similarly, if your loved one is a foodie, consider making something. Who says no to holiday cookies, anyway.

Homemade breads, baked goods, and chocolates make the cutest minimalist Christmas gifts, especially when wrapped in a nice multifunctional basket. It’s also the perfect hostess gift if you want something a tad personal.


One of our new favorite minimalist Christmas gifts for kids and adults, MEL Science disguises education as entertainment!

Uncover various science kits for all ages: MEL STEM for ages 5-9+, MEL Physics for ages 8-14+, MEL Chemistry for ages 10-16+, and MEL Med for ages 14-99+. Think liquid nightlights, vacuum chambers, fire foam, and even surgery! Each kit contains all necessary pieces, directions, an augmented reality component, and access to a platform with professional science teachers.

Opening the Projector Optics kit that MEL Science gifted us, my almost five year old was instantly drawn to the idea of using the “magnifying glasses: in a new, innovative way. He was able to build the projector mostly on his own, and interchange the “slides” to create shapes on our way.

His favorite part, though, was using the projector with my cell phone to display his YouTube video. Envision the fun family movie nights that are instantly made cooler by the self-built projector. MEL Science perfectly blends science with family fun.

As someone who is always looking for exciting new gifts that don’t contribute to the clutter, I’m  thrilled to share a new idea that’s both fun and educational! MEL Science kits start at $29.50, but you can get 50% off of your first month with code TORI50.

Date Night Gift Boxes

Date nights, either in or out, are perfect for couples or families who ask for time. Personally, I love an opportunity to have a date night with hubby, sans children.

DIY date night in gift baskets are another great option. Fill them up with cookbooks, snacks, games, romantic candles, and digital movie gift cards. And don’t forget to throw in a bottle or two of champagne!

Wine/Wine Tasting Experience

Showing up with wine is never a bad idea.

I’m a die-hard minimalist and I can promise you that my wine racks (yes, plural) are constantly overflowing. Even those who prefer less stuff want more wine.

Gift a bottle that you know is loved, or a wine basket. Local wineries offer wine clubs that you can gift, as well.

Alternatively, I have become a big fan of Naked Wines. They partner with small wine makers to produce inexpensive, but delicious, wines. You can gift a case, bottle, or assortment of wines by grape or region.

Lastly, if your loved one is a self proclaimed wino, why not consider a tasting or wine event?

Local Tours / Outings

If you haven’t realized yet, most of my favorite minimalist Christmas gifts are experience based.

I love giving and receiving family experiences, meals out, or an opportunity to do something you wouldn’t typically get for yourself.

A few years ago my sister and I splurged on a murder mystery dinner for my parents, and they said it was one of the most unique gifts they’ve received. I’ve also gifted paint nights, trip tours, and local brewery experiences for less through Groupon.

Did you know that AirBNB and Get Your Guide both offer local tours that obviously can be utilized by locals, not just travelers, as well?

Museum or Gardens Membership

Memberships to local gardens and museums, especially for families with kids, are well worth the investment.

If you’re looking for an experience based gift for a minimalist family, nothing beats a membership that can be used over and over again.

Airline or Hotel Gift Card / Vacation Tour

If you know someone is taking a trip soon, consider gifting a tour they’d like to go on.

Last Christmas my sister and I exchanged Eiffel Tower summit tickets for our trip to Paris and Guinness Storehouse tickets for her trip to Ireland. Practical, fun, and memories that last a lifetime.

Travelers always enjoy gift cards for airlines and hotel or AirBNB stays for future trips. What grandparent wouldn’t want a flight down to see the grandkids…

Rosetta Stone

If someone you know is traveling soon or wants to learn/brush up on a new language, consider gifting a Rosetta Stone or alternative language learning subscription.

TV and Movies for a Year

Covering TV subscriptions and movie streaming services are practical, yet often overlooked minimalist Christmas gifts. Even if a subscription is already in place, a gift card to cover a few months or an upgrade is always appreciated.

Books or Book Subscriptions

If you’re looking for minimalist Christmas gifts for book lovers, consider book subscriptions.

Digital books are perfect for minimalists, but book lovers typically don’t mind a nice hard-cover or coffee table book, either.

Notebooks or Journals

Minimalists typically love notebooks and journals because they help keep things organized and have a specific use. Gratitude journals are a great option for reflection and mindfulness, as well.

Photography Session

One of the most thoughtful Christmas gifts you can give is a family photography session.

As a mom behind the camera, I am always finding that I’m never in any pictures with my children. A professional family photo shoot is perfect for parents who want to preserve memories and minimalists who don’t need or want more stuff.


Minimalists love decorating with plants because they bring life and a pop of color into a clean space.

Gifting a beautifully potted houseplant, or even a bouquet of wildflowers, is always appreciated by people who keep simple spaces.


Candles provide a bit of calmness to a space, and make great gifts for minimalists.

I especially love meaningful candles like the Homesick Candle line, which smell like places, and unique scents, like Sherlock’s Study, by bookish candle line, Frostbeard Studio.

Christmas Ornaments

Ornaments make the perfect minimalist Christmas gifts because they’re small, festive, and can be very meaningful.

I absolutely love decorating my tree yearly and reminiscing when we hang our ornaments.

unique ornaments make perfect minimalist Christmas gifts that will be loved for years to come

Minimalist Gifts for Him

Of course most, if not all, of the minimalist Christmas gifts above will suit men. But guys are notoriously hard to shop for so I wanted to highlight a few extra minimalist gift ideas for that impossible to shop for guy in your life.

Ridge Wallet

The sleek Ridge Wallet is one of the most popular and best selling minimalist Christmas gifts among men.

the ridge wallet is one of the most popular minimalist christmas gifts among men.

Though my own husband isn’t exactly a self proclaimed minimalist to the extent that I am, he does prefer using a slim, minimal wallet. The Ridge Wallet specifically has been on his radar for quite some time.

It’s durable, made with military grade materials, and uses RFID blocking technology. The Ridge Wallet can hold 1-12 cards and has a lifetime guarantee.

Man Crates

Perfect for the guy’s guy, Man Crates are unique, masculine, and purposeful. From sausage making kits to DIY growlers and hot sauce, Man Crates truly fill a void when it comes to shopping for guys.

They’re my favorite place to shop for original and minimalist Christmas gifts for my husband and dad. And I say that with full disclosure that Man Crates does NOT even offer an affiliate program. I just love em!

You can even add “diabolical duct tape” wrapping to make the opening of the gift even more ferocious!

Universal YUMS

My mom always told me that the way to a man’s heart is through his stomach…

Universal Yums create and send out boxes filled with snacks from different countries on a monthly basis. You can gift 6, 12, or 20+ snacks with different subscription levels.


Lastly, you cannot go wrong with a round of golf. What guy doesn’t love an afternoon out playing 18 holes?

We joke in my house that my husband, dad, and brother in law simply continue to take one another out for a round for every special occasion. They never seem disappointed, though, and are always thrilled to experience a new course or score better on one they’ve played before.

Minimalist Christmas Gifts for Kids

Experiences for Kids

As with all age groups, our favorite minimalist Christmas gifts are actual experiences.

Children (and parents) love tickets or memberships to zoos, aquariums, splash pads, and children’s museums.

Montessori Toys

For very young children, even minimalists, Christmas gifts can and should include toys and actual wrapped gifts. There’s just something exciting about unwrapping something new to play with. Children do love the instant gratification.

Still, many minimalist and mindful parents prefer wooden, open ended, and developmental Montessori style toys.

LOVEVERY is a subscription box for age-based, developmental toys. Their playtime with a purpose toddler boxes are on our holiday list this year!

Magazine Subscription

It’s easy to forget about magazines because almost everything is accessible through a tablet, computer, or smart phone. But there is something exciting about getting this month’s publication, especially when you’re a kid.

Both of my sons look forward to their Ranger Rick subscriptions and we go through the magazines multiple times.

Some of our favorite children’s magazine subscriptions are:

Swimming Lessons

Another overlooked, but extremely useful, gift is swimming lessons.

A clearly vital skill, swimming lessons are practical for kids of all ages. Giving a swim gift card or lessons pack can help in so many ways. Plus, they’re fun for kids.

Sports / Hobbies

Lessons, equipment, and even tickets to sporting events are perfect for young athletes.

Even during the toddler years, weekend group sports are great for socialization and learning crucial team building skills. As kids get older, they’ll love seeing their favorite athletes live, in person.

Consider other hobbies, as well, like art lessons or dance classes.


When all else fails, money never made anyone sad.

Teens will love extra cash for hanging out with friends, while younger children can pad their college funds.

What minimalist Christmas gifts do you or your loved ones want this year?

We always ask for memberships to local museums and gardens. When we upcoming trips, tours and gift cards to cover must-have experiences are great, too!

As my kids get older, I also enjoy letting them pick out a few toys that add value and meaning over clutter.

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