My Super Simple Stay at Home Mom Morning Routine – Only 6 Steps

This super simple stay at home mom morning routine will help you start your day, in six steps, with ease and positivity.

a simple and positive morning routine for stay at home moms

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Are you looking for a stay at home mom morning routine to simplify the start to your day? Do you want to wake up, feel in control, and add structure to your life? Do you want to sleep more, work less, and still be productive?

Of course you do!

First, let me be clear on one thing: this is not a morning routine for moms that starts with a 5am wakeup call.

Yep, that’s right…sleep until the very last second. I know you want to!

There are plenty of morning routines that begin with an early rise, specifically to get ahead of the kids’ alarm (and we’ll talk more about when you’ll get stuff done). But this is not one of them.

It’s also NOT about building in time for journaling, chores, curated breakfasts, essential oil massages, or any of the other ridiculous things we pressure ourselves to make time for.

It’s about simplifying what’s on your plate the moment you wake up. And it does include the TV. There, I said it. And lots and lots of kid cuddles.

Lastly, I’m a stay at home mom now but I’ve also been a working mom. I know how easy it is to let structure fall by the wayside when you’re home, especially if your routine isn’t practical.

So, this is probably the easiest and most practical morning routine for moms that you’ll ever read. We want you to be able to stick with it.

My Easy 6 Step Stay At Home Mom Morning Routine

we're sharing our simple stay at home mom morning routine so you can start your day happier

1. Start Your Stay at Home Mom Morning Routine The Night Before (8:30 pm)

Want to know my biggest morning routine secret? Prep the night before.

Right after the kids are in bed, I do the following each night:

  • Run the dishwasher (We run our dishwasher every single night. Trust me on this one!)
  • Wipe tables & counters and clean highchair trays
  • Prep coffee for the next morning
  • Pack lunches / school bags (if necessary)
  • Fill kids’ water cups for tomorrow (or milk)
  • Straighten up any toys/rooms that weren’t cleaned during the day
  • Fold laundry
  • Set up one or two open-ended toys (puzzles, blocks) for kids to see when they first wake up.

This takes about 30 – 40 minutes and makes the following morning much simpler.

A morning routine for moms needs to be quick and easy. I find that prepping for your day the night before is crucial, especially if you want to avoid the dreaded 5am alarm.

a morning routine for moms needs to start with coffee!

2. Wake Up (7:30 am)

Most days, my youngest son wakes us up around 7:30am.

But what I love most about this morning routine for moms is that the wake-up time actually doesn’t matter and is completely adaptable to your work, school, or personal preference.

Once we’re all awake, this is what we do first thing in the morning:

  • Bathroom / clean diapers
  • Brush everyone’s teeth
  • Head into living room where my kids will play with the toys I left out and watch cartoons
  • Give kids water cups
  • Start coffee

While I wait for coffee, I sit with my kids for a few minutes. I also make a point here of telling them anything that’s on the agenda for the day, so they know what to expect.

In theory, your stay at home mom morning routine should segue into your stay at home mom daily routine, and prepping the kids for what’s a ahead is a big factor in having the day go smoothly.

Consider Setting a Daily Goal Every Morning: if you want to add a positive boost to your morning routine, set a daily goal for yourself. It could be something mindset based, like I want to yell less today or something physical, such as I want to go for a 2 mile walk with the kids. The simple act of thinking of a goal will help you manifest a more positive day.

a stay at home mom morning routine should include enough time for a healthy, but simple breakfast

3. Breakfast (7:45 am)

During the week, breakfast is simple, but I always try to make sure there’s a healthy combination of produce, protein, and grains. Some of our favorite easy, to-go breakfast foods are:

  • fruit (sometimes with almond butter)
  • instant oatmeal
  • toast / avocado toast
  • muffins
  • granola bars
  • scrambled eggs
  • yogurt
  • smoothies

Most days, I try to eat with my kids because I think mealtime is important for family bonding, but we usually keep it quicks. If I don’t eat, I’ll try to sit at the table with my kids and drink coffee.

making the bed is an important step in a morning routine for moms who want organization and a sense of accomplishment

4. Make the Beds / Other Chores (8:10 am)

I make the beds every single day: it’s the most important step in this stay at home mom morning routine if you want to feel accomplished.

Famously, Admiral William McRaven once said that if you want to change the world, start by making your bed. Not only does it instill control, order, and discipline, there’s something comforting and accomplishing about coming back to a made bed.

Any morning routine for moms should include making the beds.

Mom Hack: Ditch the flat sheet! For years, I’ve only used a fitted sheet and a blanket. Not only does the top sheet not actually keep your comforter clean (unless you sleep perfectly still), making the bed takes one minute without it.

Other typical morning chores include putting laundry away, starting more laundry, emptying the dishwasher, or cleaning bathrooms.

an ideal morning routine for moms leaves time for mom to get herself ready before the kids.

5. Get Dressed (8:30 am)

An ideal morning routine for moms leaves time for mom to get herself ready, too.

Do you ever get your kids dressed and ready for the day, then feel like you don’t have time to get yourself together, so you end up heading out feeling like a hot mess again?

Get yourself ready first.

A morning routine for moms should include the time moms need to feel composed. Plus, it doesn’t need to be complicated. (I don’t shower in the morning, but at night when the kids are asleep or with my husband).

Keeping a minimalist wardrobe makes picking our clothes a breeze, but if you tend to stare at your closet for any length of time, pick out your outfit the night before.

I also make sure I brush my hair and run through a simple makeup routine: wash my face, lotion, concealer, mascara, and done.

With everything else finished, then I get the kids ready.

Though lazy pajama days are fun, if you commit to getting your kids dressed everyday, regardless, you’re more likely to actually get out of the house.

the last step in your stay at home mom morning routine is to get out for part of the day!

6. Get Out for the Day (9:00 am)

One of the reasons I love this morning routine for moms is that it’s super adaptable. When we need to be out of the house earlier for school, I’ll wake us all mup a bit earlier, get myself together while the kids eat and worry about making the bed or eating myself when I’m home.

Most days, though, we take it slow and aim to head out around 9:00am.

You know the most important thing to me as a mom is to get outside every single day; I think every single stay at home mom morning routine should build in time outside or away from the home.

Head to the park, take a trail walk, schedule a playdate, or make it to a library class. On the rare occasion we don’t go out, we’ll usually spend the morning playing, coloring, doing crafts, dance parties, yoga, etc.

More Tips To Make Your Stay At Home Mom Morning Routine a Breeze

My diaper bag is always ready to go – when we come back from being out, I immediately restock so I don’t forget. This helps me simply get the kids dressed, grab the bag, and go!

Set realistic expectations for yourself. I think this is the easiest morning routine for moms ever, but if there’s something you want to add to it, like a morning exercise regimen, you’ll have to make the time.

Along the same line, set realistic expectations for your kids. Are they energetic in the morning or wanting to lounge? Does it take a while for them to finish breakfast? Is potty training a factor?

What does your stay at home mom morning routine look like?

Do you have any favorite stay at home mom morning routine hacks? What do you enjoy first thing in the morning? What helps your routine go smoothly?

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