I’m a Working Mom Now

12 weeks. Almost three whole months. 86 days home with my precious baby boy.

In these three months, my Caelan went from a newborn to a not so little boy with his own funny personality.  He’s learned to smile and make eye contact and to grab his toys. He knows who his mommy and daddy and grandparents are.  He can almost hold his own head up and he absolutely LOVES bathtime. Continue reading “I’m a Working Mom Now”


Mom Thoughts for Mother’s Day

I always wondered what being a mom felt like.

I mean, I still feel like me; I don’t think my identity as a person has changed.  I still like the things I like and hate the things I hate.  I still have the same job and I still drive my husband crazy and I still obsessively redecorate our apartment.  But there’s this whole, gigantic new part of me that I’ve given to a little person.  A person I created.  A person I would literally give my life for. Continue reading “Mom Thoughts for Mother’s Day”