Caelan Thomas: 9 Months


Height: 28¾ incles (62nd percentile)
Weight: 19 lbs 12 oz (50th percentile)
Likes: singing songs with Mommy | dancing and shaking his butt | clapping his hands | playing with toy links and anything he can spin | trying new foods
Dislikes: mangoes | the vacuum | going to bed
Milestones: sits up | pulls to stand | crawls everywhere | starting to cruise | claps hands/high fives | understands his own name and “no” | groups objects together (balls, blocks, links..) | feeds himself small foods like cereal Os | 7 teeth Continue reading “Caelan Thomas: 9 Months”


Holiday Photo Diary: Caelan’s First Christmas

My  heart is exploding with love and gratitude! I look at the enormous piles of baby toys and clothes and other necessities for our little boy, and I can’t find the words to explain how much it means to me that our family and friends show him (and us!) so much love.  It’s not even just his new stuff, but the fact that everyone wanted to be with Caelan for his first Christmas. He is one lucky little boy this season, and all year long! Continue reading “Holiday Photo Diary: Caelan’s First Christmas”