Holiday Photo Diary: Caelan’s First Christmas

My  heart is exploding with love and gratitude! I look at the enormous piles of baby toys and clothes and other necessities for our little boy, and I can’t find the words to explain how much it means to me that our family and friends show him (and us!) so much love.  It’s not even just his new stuff, but the fact that everyone wanted to be with Caelan for his first Christmas. He is one lucky little boy this season, and all year long! Continue reading “Holiday Photo Diary: Caelan’s First Christmas”


Holiday Photo Diary: Christmas in New York City

New York City during Christmas is one of my favorite things.  Andrew and I have made the trip in almost every year since being together, and making Caelan part of our tradition made my heart smile.

Continue reading “Holiday Photo Diary: Christmas in New York City”

I’m a Working Mom Now

12 weeks. Almost three whole months. 86 days home with my precious baby boy.

In these three months, my Caelan went from a newborn to a not so little boy with his own funny personality.  He’s learned to smile and make eye contact and to grab his toys. He knows who his mommy and daddy and grandparents are.  He can almost hold his own head up and he absolutely LOVES bathtime. Continue reading “I’m a Working Mom Now”