A Typical Day with Caelan

One thing I’m constantly asked about is what my typical day looks like with Caelan.

And it’s a tough one to answer because he’s definitely not on a schedule yet.  Of course my type-A personality would love for him to be, but I honestly believe it’s not feasible to live life according to the clock, especially with or as an infant.  The best thing for a baby, in my oh so experienced opinion, is to let the baby lead, but provide structure around what he/she needs.  What we do instead of schedule, is look for patterns and signals that allow us to develop routines for certain parts of the day, like bedtime. Especially bedtime. This helps Caelan understand how the day is broken up and will hopefully provide some sort of structure for when I go back to work next week. Continue reading “A Typical Day with Caelan”