Holiday Photo Diary: Christmas in New York City

New York City during Christmas is one of my favorite things.  Andrew and I have made the trip in almost every year since being together, and making Caelan part of our tradition made my heart smile.

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New Orleans (in less than three days)

Funny story. Hubby and I planned this trip because we knew it might be our last chance at a long road trip before settling into his a job and having kids.  I wasn’t planning on having kids any time soon, but if his job schedule didn’t allow us to travel until for a few years and we ended up wanting kids in a year or so, we wanted to get in at least a trip NOW.  We promised each other, a long time ago, that we’d let loose in New Orleans, child-free, and enjoy Disney together, child-free, before committing ourselves to kid-friendly trips. Continue reading “New Orleans (in less than three days)”